Baibao Shower, European Antique Shower Set, Handheld Multi-function Shower, Lifting And Boosting, Suitable For Bathroom

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  • Durability: The non-slip handle is made of soft rubber coating, the spray gun is comfortable to hold, and the rear trigger makes it easier to operate. Compared with the metal spray gun, the plastic material does not rust and has a longer service life.
  • Non-slip Coated: soft, non-slip, labor-saving, designed to fit the anti-slip texture of the human hand structure, comfortable grip, easier to use.
  • Various Applications: Our spray gun can be used to water plants, grass, lawns, gardens, pets, windows, floors, walkways, yards, etc.
  • Eight watering functions: The spray gun has 8 watering settings (fog, cone, shower, vertical, full open, fan, spray, flat), which can meet all your watering needs. From high pressure (cleaning hard, dirty surfaces) to soft water surface (cleaning pets), used for garden watering, car washing, bathing pets, cleaning windows, cleaning sidewalks, yards, drains, decks.
  • Save water: You can adjust the spray gun mode by rotating the nozzle surface to meet your needs. This is a good water saving device that can save up to 50% water when watering plants, washing cars or whatever you want