Bed guardrail SLL- Baby 2 Meters Big Bedside Baffle Baby Drop-proof Three-sided Bed Rail Soft Pack Bed Fence practical (Size : 1.5mx1.9m mattress)

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  • ●Bed rail material: thickened high-density peach skin, environmentally friendly, dirty, wear-resistant, formaldehyde-free, high-quality sprayed steel pipe, environmentally-friendly nylon mesh, bearing more than 60 kg, not afraid of adults using their ankles, not afraid of finger licking
  • ● Vertical lifting: height 76 cm, lifting mode, avoid the disadvantages of folding bed rails, mother does not have to worry about bed height and frequent moving bedside table
  • ●Button security lock: screw down lock, easy to operate, prevent baby from misoperation
  • ● Protect your baby: Your baby’s bed rail protects your baby from accidental fallout. This baby’s bed bar will provide safety and protection for your baby.
  • ● Universal: Suitable for most bed types, suitable for standard beds and slat beds, single and double beds. It helps prevent accidental fall into the baby’s bed.