Durable Mosquito Net Insect Net, Protection Pink Princess Bed Curtain Girl Bed Yarn Yarn Curtain Bed Curtain Kids Bed Round Dome

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  • Perfect for baby’s game,reading and sleeping,and master bedroom decoration!
  • PEACEFUL NIGHTS THE NATURAL WAY: Get a good night’s sleep mosquitos free and no bug spray like on your skin! Whether hanging the curtains over a queen bed, cot, crib, baby bed or camping bed, you can rest easy.
  • Single door,crown + hook + yarn slow,this product is perforated installation,wooden wall,hollow wall,etc. do not place an order,the size of the crown: 36cm * 70cm * 33cm,the powder is dreamy and beautiful enough to return to childhood All are very suitable for the versatility of the baby room,can be applied all year round,don’t worry about the problem of changing seasons
  • Keep you safe from the mosquito and insects, provides a safe and quiet environment for you to enjoy your sleep.
  • Material:polyester, perfect for keeping all the terrible and annoying flying bugs / mosquitoes / insects out at night.