FAINT Auto Seat Covers Car Linen Cushion All-Inclusive Four Seasons Universal Seat Wear-Resistant Elastic Good Car Seat Cover B

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  • 1. It adopts comfortable fabric, filled with elastic cotton, non-woven fabric and flame retardant sponge. It is easy to clean, waterproof, non-slip and wear-resistant, and has good overall elasticity. It can be used in four seasons. .
  • 2. Relieve driving fatigue, the rear row is detachable design, free to zoom in and out, fit the rear seat of the car. It can be adjusted according to the original car seat, easy to install and sturdy. .
  • 3. The bottom full enveloping design does not affect the use of the button, combined with the elastic band, does not affect the airbag ejection, the storage bag design, and the safety buckle is reserved. .
  • 4. The waist massage is relaxed and ergonomically designed to relax your back during long trips, relieve fatigue and give you a comfortable and relaxing experience. .
  • 5. Five universal models for most cars, SUVs and trucks for a wide range of applications.