Generic Brands Maternity Body Comfortable Pillow Pillow Personalized Waist Cushion Side Sleeping Maternal Sleeping Pad Bedding White

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  • Healthy material: The pregnancy pillowcase is made of high-quality natural and pure cotton material, super soft and durable. The comfortable pillowcase will make you enjoy a sweet sleep.
  • U-shaped pillow size: Crescent pillow case for pregnant women is about 70x130cm / 27.5×51.1. Suitable for most U-shaped pillows for pregnant women on the market.
  • Easy to disassemble: The zipper design makes the pillow easy to disassemble and clean. Machine washable without fading. It is resistant to bacteria, small in size and easy to store.
  • One pillow for multiple purposes: The end is bent to make the feet separate naturally. It can provide a comfortable posture when sleeping, reading, nursing and watching TV.
  • Customer guarantee: If you are not satisfied with pregnancy pillowcases, please contact us in time.