KLI 5 In 1 Multi Function Newborn Infant Crib Mattress Bedding Set Solid Harmless Paint Wood Baby Cradle Rocking Bed,105 * 61 * 95CmP * 65 * 95Cm B

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  • Shipping list : crib,mattress,5-set bedding Size:105*61*95cmP*65*95cm.
  • Natural pine wood, harmless paint, polished and smooth, environmental wood, good for your baby
  • 3 grade height adjustment: grade 1 (53cm from the floor)can be used for baby in 0-6 month, convenient to take out baby; grade 2 (37cm from the floor) for baby in 6-12 months and can stand independently;grade 3 (24cm from the floor) for baby in 1-3 years old.
  • This crib can joint with adult bed, convenient to take care of baby in night;can change to a rocking bed;can change to a table;can change to a storage shelf…
  • It can bear 40kg ,and can push from here to there with frame wheel