Mosquito Net Hanging Type Bed Netting Curtain Home Bedroom Use Floor Net Double-layer Ceiling Mosquito Net for Bed

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  • [Fabric]: Encryption plus soft tent yarn, non-ordinary yarn, is a good yarn with a sense of luster and drape, extra dense! The texture is good.
  • [Configuration]: The mosquito net is equipped with a super large 18cm diameter 3M double-sided adhesive hook; a spare 3M double-sided adhesive is presented
  • [Specifications]: base diameter 110cm, vertical clear height 2.8m (+ another 45cm lanyard height), hem circumference 12m. It weighs about 1.6kg.
  • [Suitable for room height]: The vertical net height of the mosquito net is 2.8 meters. In addition, the lanyard will reduce the height after the bed is opened. Suitable for roof height within 3 meters. Room below 2.7 meters may be longer.
  • [Suitable bed circumference]: Beds with a circumference of 11 meters are basically common for all beds above 1.2m! Round beds, irregular beds, and bunk beds are generally available.