nuhzxd Multifunctional portable waterproof beach mat beach towel camping outdoor picnic mat interior decoration outdoor travel essential B

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  • Using ultra-fine fiber material, thick texture, dense and stable loops, ordered arrangement, uniform thickness, wear-resistant and durable, tough and delicate, not easy to fall off.
  • Single-sided printing, using 3D printing technology, the color is very beautiful and beautiful, non-fading, easy to clean; neat stitching, neat stitches and threads go neatly, sewn by a large machine, visible quality.
  • Long-staple cotton fiber bath towels become softer and softer. They have the advantage of not losing hair or fading. They are essential for traveling and business trips and are an indispensable part of quality life.
  • The beach towel is very suitable for going to the beach and traveling. It is a super practical beach towel on the beach. It does not stick to the sand. It can also be carried on the plane. The air conditioner is too cold to be used as a small blanket.
  • Avant-garde colorful design, on the beaches of many resorts, you are the protagonist; used for beach towels, beach shawls sunscreen, beach mats, yoga mats, etc., can be given as gifts to lovers and friends.