Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set 3 Piece Soft Bedding Set Open mouth dinosaur Pattern Duvet Cover,for Teen Boys Kids Bedding Set with Zipper Closure Ausingle

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  • Remarks: 3 sets of polyester duvet cover – 1 polyester duvet cover / 1 cotton cotton bed and 2 pillowcases. This kit does not include any interiors and accessories.
  • SUPER MICROFIBER: Durable, lightweight material with excellent comfort, breathability, lightfastness, crease resistance, hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness. In this way, you can enjoy a warm and perfect sleep.
  • Exquisite workmanship: The invisible zipper makes it easier to fade in and out of the quilt. A sturdy zipper fits and embroiders. After repeated use and washing, it remains perfect.
  • No need for cleaning: Microfibers have desirable properties such as super softness, breathability, reversibility, crease resistance, luxurious appearance and easy cleanability. Dry choice. Machine washable, chlorine free bleach. Machine washable and easy to clean.
  • Fancy print design: reactive printing and dyeing technology, colorful, durable, non-fading, environmentally friendly printing and dyeing. Long lasting fibers do not shrink and retain their shape.