Wsreyj Bed Frame Draperiesdouble-Deck Romantic Palac Style Three-Door Quadrate Floor-Standing Mosquito Net Bedding-B_180X200Cm

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  • Material: polyester fiber
  • Size Details:120cm x 200cm 150cm x 200cm 180cm x 200cm 180cm x 220cm 200cm x 220cm
  • Lightweight and breathable: soft and light. It has a lot of small holes for air circulation for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • protect yourself and your family in places where mosquitoes are present,our mosquito nets can prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering.
  • no mosquitoes or insect bites and flies to ensure good sleep, no interruption or stimulation for any reason. Daytime gatherings popular in the four seasons do not take up space and can be easily watched in and out of TV. In the evening, it prevents mosquitoes from biting.