XXT Home Wake-up Booster Postoperative Rehabilitation Pregnant Women Nursing Guardrail Elderly Supplies Bedside Handrail

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  • ◆ Bed guardrail material: New carbon steel tube with 1.29MM thickness, no paint, no rust, no discoloration
  • ◆Stable: The base is widened. By widening the area of the base, the force area is larger and the support force is more stable.
  • ◆Unique design: It adopts widened trapezoid to break the traditional triangular design, and the position of the handrail is designed as a trapezoid to enhance the grip and area of the handrail during use. It can be supported by both hands when getting up, which is safer and more comfortable;
  • ◆Easy to install: screw installation, quick and easy installation and disassembly, safe
  • ◆Applicable people: suitable for the elderly, the elderly, the disabled, the disabled, hip replacement and patients with back pain or other injuries